International Trade & Finance

Monsoon Global is here to support you with effective solutions for international general trading, enhancing your global presence. As an international general trading company, we specialize in facilitating comprehensive global trade services. By choosing us as your trusted trading partner, we offer efficient marketing and distribution solutions tailored to your products and services. With extensive experience, we aid manufacturers and distributors in achieving their mission of expanding worldwide. Furthermore, we assist both companies and individuals in finding optimal solutions for their specific needs.

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What is a Bond Financing?

When governments or governmental entities require funding for civic projects, they turn to municipal bonds (or munis) to augment revenues. These bonds are instrumental in financing public undertakings. Diverse entities engage in issuing these bonds, encompassing states, cities, counties, school districts, hospitals, transportation authorities, universities, housing initiatives, road agencies, water districts, and power entities.

Municipal bonds represent debt securities issued by these entities to bondholders. Essentially, bondholders extend a loan to the issuing institutions, anticipated to be repaid at face value on a designated maturity date. The face value, or par value, denotes the bond's value at issuance.